This is a new page, which will be populated with used instruments. 

I have some personal consignent instruments available; pictures can be seen on


They include:


   A 1920's Gibson L3 Round-hole Archtop Jazz Guitar - either 1923 or 1924 ($1,750)


   A 1989 Montana Flatiron A-5 Artist Mandolin  ($2,750)


   A 1970's Gibson F-5 Mandolin previously owned by Matt Thompson of Monroe Crossing

   and re-graduated by Randy Wood ($3,000) I'm working on this 'cos the point protectors 

   have deteriorated (very common on this vintage) so it won't be available right away.

   Not on Reverb yet.


   A 1959 Martin D-18 (Canadian export model) that has been played hard and has

   a few stable cracks but sounds fantastic ($3,750)


   A 2005 Martin DC16E Koa cutaway with the Fishman Ellipse system ($1,250)


Please check back, or send me an email if you want more info. 

Thanks, Ben.